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Visiting Podcast - Visiting for the Holiday - live episode

Two queer foreigner's guide to navigating the city of Zurich!

In this episode to Brian and Ben talk about not going home for the holidays and invite back some of their guests from this year for an update. Evalyn Eatdith, Tropikahl Besher Poderosa, Jo Dyking, Hausvrau, Dominik Cavalli and Micha Finkelstein all return to chit chat all things Visiting for the Holidays.

In case you missed it on December 24th you can still tune in to watch Community the musical here: It will be taken down after Jan 1st 2021 so hurry as it's not to be missed. And if you liked it please donate or/and send them a review or love letter via mail.

The team behind Kweer Ball, Explicit and Drag Brunch Zurich are about to launch a new online safe space - There will be thought-provoking articles on all things queer as well as safe social media space for queers. Your data will not be used for advertising here nor will your art, bodies be censored or taken down. So log on today to sign up for their newsletter and stay tuned for when the site goes fully live in autumn.

The Welcome Café for queer refugees: In cooperation with Queer Amnesty, is a café for LGBTQ people who have fled to Switzerland and takes place once a month. You can inquire about the location and next event by emailing -

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