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A day dance - inspired by the iconic Tea Dances of Fire Island

A day dance - inspired by the iconic Tea Dances of Fire Island, TEA is the queer party where you can snack, dance, flirt and still make it home for a 10:30 bedtime. TEA is the place for face-to-face, for conversation and connection. So put your mobile down and get up on our dance-floor. A favourite of gay bears and friends in Zurich, Switzerland.

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17th of June @Eventhaus Langstrasse

For this "After-Dark" edition, we will be discoing into the late hours for this unofficial Pride weekend party.
We serve shows, snacks, and plenty of TEA!

2 floors (Disco floor and House floor), 6 Djs, 3 performances and 1 playroom



DRESS CODE: There is none for TEA After Dark but that said we recommend a less is more approach. The venue has been briefed and bags will be available at coat check to check your clothes in. The venue will be hot (in multiple ways) so dress for slut pride.

AWARENESS CREW AND CONSENT: Tea After Dark is our sexier TEA event but it is not a free for all. We want you to dress up in whatever makes you feel the sexiest, our performances will be sexually charged too. From drag, to leather, to plain old jeans or even nothing at all. However just because someone is dressed provocatively, it does not give you the automatic right to touch them. Ask for permission, ask for consent. And when permission is granted then touch - touch a lot. Our playroom is for all genders and in between. To ensure our space is a safer one, an Awareness Crew will be on site. You will recognise them wearing TEA-Shirts. If you see any behaviour that is making you uncomfortable you can approach one of our team to discuss and find solutions.


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