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KWEER BALL is dance celebration of uniqueness, inspired by queer ball culture. It is safe and playful space for all the colours of the rainbow and letters of the alphabet. Whether you are a leather daddy, fierce kween, voguing master or something in between, KWEER BALL is the place that celebrates your uniqueness. So come on in and lose yourself on the dance floor.

Be there, be fabulous, be you!


EXPLICIT is a sex-positive queer dance party and also is a counter protest to queer censorship. Our party is founded on three key values:            RESPECT   TOLERANCE   CONSENT

It is a safe space for adults of all ages, genders, sexualities and fetishes. We treat everyone with respect and love and touch only when permission is granted - then we touch a lot! Any racism, body shaming, transphobia or sexism will not be tolerated. No photography allowed – we do photoshoots so you don’t have to


A day dance - inspired by the iconic Tea Dances of Fire Island, TEA is the queer space where you can snack, dance, flirt and still make it home for a 10:30 bedtime. TEA is the place for face-to-face, for conversation and connection. So put your mobile down and get up on our dancefloor.


A Sunday brunch hosted by your fiercest Drag Queens and Kings. Live performances, multiple courses and bottomless mimosas.

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