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Kweer Trending - Malaysia’s top court strikes down anti-gay law and will Pride happen this year?

Read this week’s key stories and trends for queers:

Malaysia’s top court strikes down anti-gay law in a landmark win for the queer community there

A Malaysian man last Thursday won a landmark court challenge against an Islamic ban on sex “against the order of nature,” Reuters reports. “Despite the ruling, gay Malaysian men still face up to 20 years in jail under a British colonial-era law that bans gay sex, known as Section 377,” Reuters noted. Fingers crossed, this is the beginning of real change for our queer brothers and sisters in Malaysia.

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on Pexels

Pioneering lesbian and feminist activist Ivy Bottini has died aged 94

“A pioneering lesbian and feminist activist who in 1970 led a group of women to the Statue of Liberty where they hung a banner that read, “Women of the World Unite,” Ivy Bottini died at her home Thursday at age 94”, The Advocate reports. “From her roots in the women's movement of the 1960s through the AIDS epidemic and to advocating for LGBTQ+ elders, Bottini led the way.” The Advocate noted. Please take a look a the video below to find out more about Ivy and the great work she did.

Will Pride happen this year? Organisers seem to think so

“This week, several Pride committees across the globe announced they are planning to hold in-person events in 2021, as COVID-19 vaccination efforts ramp up and cases decline in multiple countries,” them reports. Mark Fletcher, chief executive of Manchester Pride, told The Guardian the celebration will be possible “as long as the government’s plans for vaccinations and reopening of events and hospitality remain on track.” Are you looking forward to being able to celebrate together again?

Photo by Rosemary Ketchum on Pexels

Jodie Foster wins a Golden Globe, sitting on her couch in her pyjamas with her wife by her side

“Full of delighted surprise, acting and directing legend Jodie Foster picked up a Golden Globe tonight for her starring role in the political thriller The Mauritanian. Foster accepted the award while sitting on her couch with her wife, Alexsandra Hedison.” Out reports. While the event faced controversy for its lack of diversity in its nominations, it was still a visible night for queer women and characters winning many of the acting awards.

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