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Visiting Podcast - Brian and Ben

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Two queer foreigners guide to navigating the city of Zurich!

In this first episode we get to hear Brian and Ben's Visiting stories. 

So why the name "Visiting?”; well, this is the most frequent question asked on dating apps like Grindr or Scruff when you are new to a city or passing through. And even when you have been here for years you might still get this message pop up in your notifications occasionally. For many, these are the first contacts in a new city, but it can also the question you continually ask yourself as an “expat”. When does one stop being a visitor? At which point can you say that you have truly arrived? Ben and Brian ask this question, tell stories from the point of view of expats, refugees or visitors with the aim to help not only those who are new to Zurich but also those who have always lived here - to understand this city and each other better.

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