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Visiting Podcast - Ivy Monteiro aka Tropikahl Besher Poderosa

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Two queer foreigner's guide to navigating the city of Zurich!

In episode to Brian and Ben ask Ivy Monteiro aka Tropikahl Besher Poderosa - artist, house mother, Kweer Ball producer and vogue master to tell their visiting story. They discuss everything from romance to ballroom culture and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Links and ting:

Check out the next Kweer Ball event link: a portion of all tickets and donations will go to charities that work with queer people of colour and black lives matter. So please buy a donation ticket today or donate directly via our PayPal. We will announce our chosen charities in the coming weeks. Buy a ticket today: Donate on PayPal:

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Looking for someone to paint your mug for the Gods for the next Kweer Ball (make-up) then look no further than Kili from Follow him on Insta too

Looking for some fun on a Monday evening - the check out our good girl Evalyn's Eatdith's online drag show - "Evalyan Eatdith's Sh*t Show" - you can watch it on her twitch channel The next episode is on the 6th of July at 9 pm CEST and then every second Monday

Have you recently been diagnosed with HIV or just want to talk to other people who also live with HIV? Checkpoint Zurich also offers Queer Plus - a space where you can meet with other people who have HIV and share experiences. You can find out more information on this service here: Stay safe, stay informed and stay queer.

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