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Visiting Podcast - Tessa Testicle

Two queer foreigner's guide to navigating the city of Zurich!

In this episode to Brian and Ben talk the stunt queen of Switzerland - Tessa Testicle. We talk about everything from, the fact that she is actually Swiss despite what people think, how she got her name and drag chasers.

The team behind Kweer Ball, Explicit and Drag Brunch Zurich are about to launch a new online safe space - There will be thought-provoking articles on all things queer as well as safe social media space for queers. Your data will not be used for advertising here nor will your art, bodies be censored or taken down. So log on today to sign up for their newsletter and stay tuned for when the site goes fully live in 2021. The Best of Ball is coming from the Kweer Ball team - tune in on February 6th on Vimeo and Zoom to dance away your Covid blues. Find more info and the link to join the stream here. Coming soon our companion podcast "Into?" Ben and Brian take a look at what is happening in the queer world and try to answer the gayest question ever – what are you Into? Tune in to find out what they are into this week, month or year and they want to know what you are Into too – send your questions (or nudes) and they will discuss anything from sex, politics, health or queer identity with you! New companion Podcast to Visting - coming early 2021! Send your questions to or go to their Instagram profile and slide into their DMs

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