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CheckPoint - PrEP on Demand guide

Have you stopped taking your PrEP during the lockdown? It's pretty normal if you have. A lot of queers have gone off PrEP due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you have and find yourself in a situation where you might want to arrange a date - fear not. Our friends over at Checkpoint Zurich have created this handy video guide for cis gay men who want to take PreP on demand.

If you’re a cis man and want to have sex straight away, you can take a DOUBLE dose of PrEP (i.e. two tablets) 2 to 24 hours BEFORE sex. You can then continue with either daily dosing or event-based PrEP. It’s really important to take the AFTER sex doses! If you’re a cis man, carry on taking PrEP for another two sex-free days (so if you last had sex on Saturday, take PrEP on Sunday and Monday). It’s then safer to stop. For everyone else – take a daily dose of PrEP for seven days BEFORE starting to have sex.

For more information, you can check out the Prepster website or reach out to Checkpoint Zurich to stay informed!

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