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"This nude is like a Wolfgang Tilman" - latest episode of "Into?" podcast

In the latest episode of Into? podcast - Ben and Brian received their first nude pics from their listeners and launch a new segment of audible nude descriptions. Ben compares on pic to Wolfgang Tilman's piece and explains how the penis angle to butthole in the said piece is what is known as the Golden Ratio in art.

As well as that, they both discuss the toxicity of the Drag Race fandom and the merits of homework outs as we all approach a third Covid-19 wave. Listen to the latest episode below, also available on Apple, Google and all other places where fine podcasts are hosted.


About Into?

Ben and Brian take a look at what is happening in the queer world and try to answer the gayest question ever – what are you Into? Tune in to find out what they are into this week, month or year and they want to know what you are Into too – send your questions (or nudes) and they will discuss anything from sex, politics, health or queer identity with you!

Send your questions to or go to our Instagram profile and slide into our DMs!

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